Veterinary Services

Dr. Jeff of House Call Vet NYC provides at-home veterinary visits for a wide variety of household pets. He’s known for reliable service, flexible scheduling and excellent follow-up. Services include: Diagnosis and treatment of medical problems:
  • Annual check-ups and wellness exams
  • Holistic therapies [click here to learn more]
  • Acupuncture [click here to learn more]
  • Rehabilitation [click here to learn more]
  • Vaccinations & vaccination alternatives
  • Health certificates for travel or boarding kennels
  • Emergency care
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Post-operative home care
  • At-home ultrasound examinations
  • Geriatric wellness packages
  • Cancer treatment and referrals
  • Hospice-style programs for pets with inoperable or terminal diseases
  • At-home euthanasia

Referrals and coordinated care can be provided through Dr. Jeff’s extensive medical/surgical veterinary network.

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